As a homeowner, time is probably in short supply for you. Along with your professional life, your responsibilities to family and friends, and handling the day-to-day chores that always come up, you need to keep your home looking good. One of the biggest and most obvious details you need to oversee is mowing the lawn.

The fact is, mowing the lawn is a seemingly easy activity that’s actually more complex than it seems. When it’s done well, the value of your property will increase, as will your curb appeal. That’s why the smart move is to reach out to New Horizon Landscaping. Since 1998, our lawn mowing services have provided residential and commercial landscaping clients in the Lincoln area the care their lawns need. When it comes to mowing, we take a seasonal approach. When the growing season comes around, we can aerate your lawn, which perforates the soil and allows larger amounts of air, water, and nutrients to nourish the root system. As a result, healthier roots will grow and produce stronger blades of grass.

During summers, we can provide you with either regular appointments for mowing and edging, or we can come to you a single time to get things cleaned up. When autumn rolls around, our team of Lincoln landscapers can remove leaves and prepare your lawn for winter. Take your life back and let us handle your lawn with our mowing services. For more information about comprehensive lawn care, contact us online or by phone today!

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