Do Fire Pits Add Value to a Home?

At New Horizon Landscapes and Designs, we design and build incredible landscapes for homeowners and commercial properties in Lincoln, Nebraska. When upgrading your home, the value that your upgrades bring to your property is likely in the back of your mind. If you are adding a fire pit, in particular, you might be wondering if it adds value to your home! The short answer is yes, but in this blog, we will explain why and how much value your upgrade could potentially add.


Social Value

Fire pits create beautiful environments for family dinners, neighborhood parties, and other gatherings. Something about sitting around a fire encourages great community and fantastic conversation, which is likely one of the biggest reasons that people install fire pits on their property. If you are hoping to install a fire pit, reach out to us today!


Functional Value

Fire pits not only make for great social interaction, but they also provide two functional services for your home: bug protection and heat. Nights here in Nebraska may get buggy in the summer, but a fire pit can help to keep bugs away, keeping you from getting bit! And in the fall? Fire Pits help you to enjoy dinner when the nights get cooler.


Different Types of Fire Pits

As some of the best landscape designers in Lincoln, we install all kinds of fire pits into homes around the city. From fire burning to gas burning, stone to metal, we do it all! Fire Pits are made from all kinds of materials, in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of fuel connections. Ask us today what kind of fire pit installation is best for your home!


How Much Financial Value Does it Add?

It’s clear that fire pits add functional and social value to your home, but how much financial value do they add? According to the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Landscape Professionals 2018 report, fire pits have a return rate of 67%. So, you not only get all of the intrinsic value that accompanies fire pits, but you also get the external financial value as well!

Fire Pits make for a great addition to any home. Whether you connect it to your gas line or rely on wood for your fire source, they add both social, functional, and financial value to your home! Reach out to us today for both landscape design and creation in Lincoln, Nebraska!