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Landscape design is about more than just plants. To create a particular outdoor concept, a successful company needs a combination of horticultural and botanical knowledge, experience in engineering, skill in design, and familiarity with communication. A landscape company needs to understand precisely what a client wants, have the ingenuity and creativity to transform those desires into a tangible result, and have the expertise to do it all in a reasonable amount of time at pricing that’s competitive. At New Horizon Landscaping, that’s what we do. As landscape designers, we’ve worked with residential and commercial clients throughout Lincoln, Nebraska, to deliver impressive results since 1998.

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Get The Best Landscaping Design In Lincoln With New Horizon

We believe that proper planning before the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. This includes carefully considering the layout of the space, selecting the right materials and plants, and creating a realistic budget and timeline. By taking the time to plan and prepare, we can ensure that your landscaping project meets your expectations and enhances the overall beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

During the design phase, we:

  • Establish a one-on-one relationship with the customer to ensure that customers and designers see eye-to-eye.

  • Implement softscape and hardscape design strategies to ensure customer satisfaction with the finished project.

  • Revise plans as needed to accommodate changes.

  • Supervise the installation phase through completion.

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What Landscape Features We Can Provide

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At New Horizon Landscaping in Lincoln, our landscapes are second to none because of our design process and because of the wide range of skills and services we offer.

Whether you’re working on a new build construction project for your home or business or you’re just refreshing the landscape on a property you already own, we can give you the landscape you’ve always dreamed of and make it sustainable as well. Here are just a few of the things we can do for your landscape.

  • Grading: If you’re still in the very early stages of building a home or business and need someone to grade your foundation, we’ve got it covered.
  • Planting and Hardscapes: While your home is being built, or in the early stages of your landscape redesign, we can tackle planting and installing waterscapes and hardscapes.
  • Sod Installation: Once we have completed installing the other features, we will lay down the grass.
  • Landscape Maintenance and Mowing: After your landscape has taken hold, we can provide regular lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn, bushes, trees, and more looking as beautiful as the day we installed them.

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Our team of experienced and skilled landscaping professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality services to enhance the outdoor space of your home or business in Lincoln, NE. With our expertise and creativity, we can transform your property into a stunning and inviting oasis. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a vibrant and lush landscape, we will work closely with you to create a custom landscaping plan that reflects your unique style and meets your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that your outdoor space will not only be beautiful but also functional and sustainable.

Think it can’t be done? Think your idea is impractical or unrealistic?

At New Horizon Landscaping, our favorite challenges are the ones that the competition says are impossible. Whatever you have in mind, we’ll finish it on time, on budget, and deliver results that you’ll love for a lifetime. With meticulous attention to detail, a customer-centered approach, and a passion for sustainable design, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results for your Lincoln landscaping project. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a truly timeless landscape design.

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