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For over two decades, we have remained your go-to source for all landscaping services in Lincoln, NE. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful outdoor space.

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Keeping Yards Looking Fresh In Lincoln For Over 20 Years

Our lawn care professionals are highly attentive to our customers' needs. From landscaping to outdoor design, we ensure customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and value. Join our massive number of satisfied customers with our signature Lincoln landscaping services. Call now.

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Reasons to hire a professional landscape design company:

  • We are experts
  • We have excellent ideas that work
  • We know how to avoid the pitfalls
  • We can design your oasis
  • We can maintain your budget
  • We are well-versed in the local climate
  • We offer several landscaping services
  • We do the job right

Landscaping Services


Since 1998, New Horizon Landscaping has proudly served clients in and around the Lincoln, Nebraska, area. It's a point of pride that, by providing one-on-one communication and exceeding the green industry standard for professionalism, we're able to keep our clients thrilled throughout the year with our landscaping and hardscaping design and construction.

Our team understands that your lawn and the exterior of your property are far more than grass. They're an extension of your home — a place to enjoy all the unique relationships in your life. That's why we offer professional lawn care services and landscaping design. So whether we're mowing the lawn on a regular schedule or installing a brand new outdoor space, we'll take the time to ensure that you and our designers see eye-to-eye, make revisions in the plan as needed, and supervise the project from planning to completion.

All Of Our Landscaping Services

At New Horizon Landscaping, we provide landscaping for every stage of your home's yard or estate. For instance, even if you're starting with your custom-built home, we have services for you. So we can keep your lawn and landscape in shape for the life of your home.

Set and Reinforce Your Foundation With Services From New Horizon

New Horizon Landscaping is one of the premier landscaping companies in the Lincoln area, and part of that is because of our wide range of abilities. If you're building a home in Lincoln, we want to be your choice of landscaper from the start. Grading is necessary for your home's foundation, which flattens it and provides proper drainage. Without accurate grading, a home can see water damage, flooding, and crumbling foundations.

We can also help address problems you may have in the future if your foundation isn't draining correctly with drainage correction services and soil erosion control.

Design Your Landscape With New Horizon

Consider landscape design services if you're building a custom home or want to add some greenery to your landscape. Our professionals can help you create a landscape that is as lush or fit for entertaining as you desire. We know how to design landscapes, so they are efficient and beautiful. With us, you will only waste money on plants to have them die because they weren't planted properly or in the right area.

We can make your landscape as wild or as luxurious as you wish, going with full foliage or incorporating features such as waterscape and hardscaping like patios, pergolas, walkways, fireplaces, and more.

Our team offers great options, so your outdoor spaces always look their best. These include regularly scheduled mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, and herbicide and fertilizer treatments. We also offer one-time services such as spring cleanups, holiday light installation, removal (including take-down of all holiday decorations), and full redesigns for driveways and sidewalks.

Keep Up Your Lawn and Landscape With New Horizon

Once you’ve got your landscape where you want it in terms of design, we can help you keep it thriving. With our regular mowing and landscaping services your lawn will stay pristine and your other features well-kept. You can get regular service on your shrubs, trees, and other greenery, while we help you keep up with other important factors as well — like mulching and keeping an eye out for weeds and pests.

Trust New Horizon Landscaping In Lincoln

Your time is precious, so let New Horizon take care of your lawn while you take care of the essential things. We'd love to talk about the landscaping services you need, from a new patio to the construction of a retaining wall. For more information or a free estimate, contact us online or by phone today.

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