How To Keep Your Yard And Plants Healthy

Creating a vibrant and healthy yard with lush green grass and blooming plants is a goal for many homeowners. But maintaining such a picturesque outdoor space takes effort and time that every homeowner needs to commit to in order to keep everything beautiful and healthy! At New Horizon Landscapes & Designs, we’re here to help you learn the knowledge and techniques you need to keep your yard and plants healthy all year round. Here are some tips to help you achieve a beautiful and thriving outdoor oasis for your home!

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Soil Health

The key to a healthy and happy yard is great soil! Before you plant, make sure to test your soil for its pH level, as different plants require different acidity levels to thrive. If the pH level is off, you can add organic matter or fertilizer to amend it and create a healthy space. Aeration and loosening the soil will also allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate deeper, promoting root growth and overall plant health.

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Water Management

Watering is crucial for keeping your yard and plants healthy. However, both under and over-watering can be damaging. Generally, it is better to water deeply and less frequently, rather than lightly and frequently. This will encourage deep root growth and make your plants more resilient to drought. In addition to watering your plants and lawn, it’s important to manage any drainage areas or erosion as this can negatively affect your plants, lawn, and even hardscaping features.

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Mowing & Trimming

Of course, trimming and maintaining your plants will help to keep them healthy and thriving, but the key is to know how and when to do it. If you have plants that need to be cut back at the end of their flowering season, mark your calendar or create a reminder in your phone so you don’t forget! Of course, mow your lawn consistently to ensure it grows well in between mows and doesn’t get patchy.

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Seasonal Clean Ups and More

Seasonally, your yard will need a clean up to prepare for the coming season! Whether it’s spring or fall, our team can help with seasonal clean ups, as well as mowing, trimming, water management, and soil amendments! Call New Horizon Landscaping & Design today to get started!