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We’d like to thank you for stopping by New Horizon Landscapes and Designs, providing unique and durable landscaping and hardscaping in the Lincoln area. We’re dedicated to delivering this part of Nebraska with the best service when it comes to making yards look their absolute as good as they possibly can, and that includes shaping the land to ensure proper drainage. Here are a few of the many services we offer so that homeowners and businesses can make the most of their property.

Patios And Walkways

Your backyard should be a fun and relaxing place to be, and more than anything it should do exactly what you want it to do. That means dividing the space for specific purposes. For instance, we’ll pour (or lay) a patio so that you’ll have the perfect place to grill and enjoy outdoor meals. We can install walkways so that you can peruse the backyard landscaping, or put in a sitting spot among existing trees.

No matter what you want your backyard to become, we’ll make it happen. We work in concrete, flagstone, and many other building supplies in order to give homeowners the backyard oasis they’ve been looking for.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Outdoor entertainment spaces can go so far beyond a basic patio. At New Horizon, we can install features that look good and add to the usefulness of your outdoor space. These include fire pits, waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, and meditation areas so that your space is as useful as it is beautiful.

Landscaping And Mowing

Having a green lawn and lush foliage is something that most people want in their yards or at their businesses, but it takes a lot of work to keep everything looking just right. At New Horizon, we can take care of your landscaping at every stage. Our landscaping company can plant your permanent landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, and grass, and take care of them throughout the life of the plants. We’ll prune the trees, shape the shrubs, and mow the grass in order to make your yard look as good as possible.

Holiday Light Installation

Let’s be honest. While having Christmas lights on your home or business is nice, it’s a tough job to put them up every year. Not only that, but it can be downright dangerous. When you have New Horizon handle your light hanging, you’ll save time and avoid any potential injuries that could occur.

Drainage, Grading, And Erosion Control

Making sure rainwater is all heading in the right direction is a New Horizon specialty. With proper grading and drainage, properties can make better use of their landscape and prevent flooding in buildings. Not only that, but proper drainage and erosion control can stop yards from losing soil and damaging existing landscaping.

Landscape And Hardscape Design

While you might have some idea of what you’re looking for in your landscaping from browsing ideas on the internet, it’s important to consult with a professional landscaper. By working with a pro, you’ll be able to make sure everything you want fits in your particular space and uses the plants that work well in the Lincoln environment.

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Are you ready to make the most of your space? If so, it’s time to contact New Horizon Landscapes & Design. Give us a call today!