When it comes to landscape architecture or construction projects, grading is seriously important. During grading services, the elevation of the ground is completely leveled, creating a solid place to lay down a foundation. Additionally, land is sloped away from the main site to allow for proper foundation drainage.

If grading isn’t performed correctly by a reputable grading contractor, water can flow to the base of your home instead of away from it. When the water accumulates, cinder blocks can sustain damage over time, greenery that’s a part of your landscaping can be washed away, and your chances of experiencing interior flooding and mold increases. At New Horizon Landscaping, our grading company has the experience and equipment to ensure that when we leave the job, it will be done the right way. Our team has provided service for residential and commercial clients in and around the Lincoln area since 1998.

Whether it is establishing the grade on a new house or reworking the grade on an existing property, we can make it happen and do the work right the first time. You can be confident that flooding, mildew, or mold collection simply won’t be an issue with you hire us as your grading contatractors. For more information or to get a free quote, contact us online or by phone today.

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